PROBABLY won’t make a habit of posting roleplays but last night was the first time thisgolddolyak and I actually got to roleplay together in forever and oh my ggooooossshh


so, shockingly, we don’t actually get to ROLEPLAY Herdot and Feihlim together all that often, so we made a date to do it last night and here is the result!

warning for some silly mush and then Feihlim being a huge nerd

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Efrèm! I decided to remake him, since I was recently reunited with by-ogdens-hammer and thisgolddolyak. This is the infamous homewrecker, who caused Feihlim and Whyseir to breakup. HE’S GONNA CAUSE EVEN MORE TROUBLE NOW. EVIL LAUGHING




dis gon b good~

this jackass LET ME TELL U


thisgolddolyak likes to tease me with headcanons about Feihlim and Whyseir getting back together, even just temporarily, so I… this is my revenge.


He didn’t want to question it. He didn’t dare to call attention to the unlikelihood that this could have ever happened, or he might break the spell. He didn’t want to point out that until now every time they were within sight of each other, one of them was livid and the other a desperate, hopeless mess. He didn’t want to ask why, why now, of all times, had this uneasy and unspoken truce settled between them. He didn’t want to say anything—when was the last time talking had done him any good?

So he sat. He held his tongue. He fidgeted—and wondered, from time to time, whether it was obvious that he hadn’t had a single drink in a while, he just kept moving the ale in front of him from one hand to the other. When he was feeling particularly brave, he would steal a glance to his left, to that pale face that had once carried a perpetual knowing smirk and had since been weighed down by so much anger. To those narrow, sloping shoulders that looked so tense, to arms that had been smooth and beautiful once, and were now traced in raw and ragged scars.

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Norn society is inexplicably sexist an essay by tumblr user noctilucent-supercell



So I’m working on my article for this week and I’m mad again.

Something always really bugged me about the defend Jora’s shrine event in Wayfarer Foothills. Unless a player pokes around a lot, it’s probably their major avenue of exposure to Jora’s story, and the best thing the Sons of Svanir have to do with their time is attempt to deface it. If they succeed, Ginna Stoneskaald says they’re doing it because Jora proved their dragon isn’t so strong, which, okay.

The preceding event’s objective is to defend the shrine, and there are two NPC allies in that one: Erika and Almarr. Both Ginna and Erika have great respect for Jora, because she’s way fukken cool. Almarr will tell you how much Erika loves Jora if you ask him! Why is he there? Oh, he thinks Jora’s statue is hot, haha.


So I remembered that in the midst of writing about how real life gender dynamics functionally permeate pretty much the entire game and how that conflicts and contrasts with what is at this point essentially word of mouth lore about gender equality in Tyria. Almarr mentions offhand that Jora is considered a hero among the norn, but describes Erika as “obsessed” with her, because she can relate to Jora’s story. “Me, I just like looking at her statue. They don’t make women like that any more!”

Okay, so Almarr can’t relate to Great Norn Hero Jora, then? He just thinks she’s hot. And ferocious! Ooh, his favorite kind! We love a gal with a little fire in ‘er, the kind who will slay her own brother and help save her fucking people and look good doing it, hot dang!

It bothers me because this is exactly the same dynamic you can see constantly in real life conversations about women, real or fictional. If there are straight guys in the discussion and they’re not like, full consciousness-raised feminist allies, 80% of their total group contribution is going to be playing Hot or Not. The woman in question could have cured every infectious disease, but let’s talk about whether she’s bangable. This happens on the disproportionately large scale it does because of our ideas about women and their value as people.

Maybe it would have been different if Almarr’s comment about Jora’s looks had come at the end of a long spiel about her awesomeness, like the one Gemma offers. It certainly wouldn’t have come off as badly if he hadn’t used a negative term for Erika’s interest and then followed it up with a wink-nudge admission that he’s only there for the eye candy.

I’ve talked before about how weird it is that the Sons of Svanir (and the Flame Legion) adopted violent, pervasive misogyny in response to the actions of individual women, and how it actually lends a shitton of power to that mindset within the game world even though the he-man woman haters have red names and you get to beat them up. In Tyria sexism isn’t the result of thousands of years of oppression and reinforcement of gender norms; instead, it’s the natural conclusion you jump to when a woman derails your plans, complete with all of the “blerher woman weak gb2 kitchen” bullshit that accompanies real world assumptions of women’s competence and strength. Teleporting this crap whole hog into a setting where women can and do perform the exact same roles as men (and have done so, as far as we can tell, basically forever) as a punishment for the actions of individual women leads to two options: Either Jormag is literally the Elder Dragon of Misogyny and sexism is a corrupting magical power that can creep up out of thin air, or the norn and charr have always had a festering pit of disdain for women just waiting for an excuse.

Because in a really egalitarian society, this shit wouldn’t gain a foothold. The (comparatively) logical conclusion might have been to hate everyone in Jora’s bloodline or something, which made sense for Palawa Joko when he was pissed off at Turai Ossa. Who, you know, was a guy. So if a man fucks you over you carry the grudge to his entire family, but we have two cases where if a woman fucks you over you carry the grudge to half of the goddamn population.

Okay, there’s a third option: Real life issues tend to reproduce themselves in media if they go unexamined and even people who try hard not to do that can easily, you know, do that if a lot of effort isn’t put in to wrestling with it down to the very bone, where the question transforms from “How do we portray sexism as bad in this society?” to “Why would this society even be sexist?”

Because really if you want to portray the norn as an equal society the Sons would not exist. Events like this would not exist, where the goal is to stop a real shit-for-brains from becoming a Son of Svanir so you can hook him back up with the woman he completely fucking disrespected.  It doesn’t matter that these people are portrayed as villains; better words have been said about how reproducing tired prejudices in fictional characters doesn’t amount to a challenge of them, even if you say “that’s bad.”

If norn society weren’t already steeped in shitty ideas about women—and again, this is a society where women have been performing exactly the same roles as men for god knows how long—the first time some dumbass tried to form the MRA Fedora Club he would have been laughed out of the mead hall by everyone. There wouldn’t be worried conversations in Hoelbrak about how these ideas are spreading, there wouldn’t be any question of whether or not the Sons had a place there, unchallenged. They would have dragged the little shits to the middle of the city and let them stand up against a group of female warriors, to let them “prove” how weak women are, for the entertainment value. And then the proto-Sons probably would have gone up on the nearest mountain to sulk, all five of them. And hopefully been eaten by griffons.


i’m so glad you brought up the jora’s shrine quest because i remember talking to almarr as i passed by and i wanted to FLING POO at this norn who ISN’T SVANIR and is ON YOUR SIDE completely trivializing this woman’s story in favor of his massive statue boner because She’s Hot

altho tbh anet’s made their stance on only caring about women if they’re nice to look at pretty obvious for a while now so am i really surprised

Reblob for interest.

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid ever running into that event but ew

Set poo-phasers to fling


I like sales. I really like sales.

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Just had an idea! What if all the GW2 artists all contributed to making a fan-made creature codex! We would draw little sketches of … let’s say an assigned creature and give little bits of lore and “anatomy”. 

dibs on the mordrem wolf

I mean

hey that sounds fun

#don’t ask TGD she hates drawing animals #on second thought definitely ask that’d be hilarious

screw you man I could draw a-

a centaur or a jotun or something

Looking for New RP Partners!



Hi, I thought I’d make a shout-out if anyone should stumble upon it. My GW character is Evaline Fairestrom and she/I desperately need friends in-game. Eva is an albino elementalist, and works as a private librarian and researcher for a Count. Her general disposition is quite shy but ever-loving and really easy to get along with. While being rather timid and bashful, she’s a complete sweetheart.

I’m looking for friends, acquaintances, romantic interests, enemies… Really anything. She just needs contact! Send me an ask on here, or message me in-game with the tag Okalia.3751.

My preferred method of rping is skype, due to its accessibility and the ease of making longer posts. I’ll rp in-game upon request, I’m certainly not opposed to it!

Thanks so much. <3 I don’t bite, I promise.

For anyone on the hunt for a roleplay partner!

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Warriors sharing stories.

I want our Norn girlfriends on my blog sorry. (Not sorry)




definitely not riffing off this Feihlim wearing nothing but boots idea nope