The thing that’s really hilarious to me about Feihlim’s build is that it pretty much represents his personality perfectly as far as play-style. Basically just rush in, aggro something, punch a bunch of holes in it, then nope out of there really fast and hope it bleeds to death before it finds you again. If it doesn’t, just panic and shoot it again.

Meanwhile Herdot has a crit build and can scorpion wire things, then murder them in one or two hits

but only one at a time otherwise he’s a fuckin goner

TFW your characters are literally their builds

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Casually draws other tumblers salads, and if I ever draw yours without telling you beforehand I am so sorry, but I love making people happy/smile with what I draw, gives it more of a purpose ´q v q` !! 

So yeah!

Tried to draw Feihlim who belongs to by-ogdens-hammer, but hoods are making characters seem unrecognizable laughs maybe that’s the whole purpose with them ALSO  BARKFACES?!?!?

And dearsalad's Alunedh ! 

Both are quickies and I am so sorry if they’re trash cries and runs away forever


he’s a pretty fairy

Anonymous whispered: What're your comission prices?

Riiiight here~

If there’s something you want that isn’t listed, just hit me up and we can talk deets, friend


Revised Edition!

So as it turns out, I have a bit more time and flexibility than I originally anticipated when starting commissions, SO not only have I decided to open up a third slot, I’m also expanding a little bit on what I’m offering~

  • Listed prices will vary based on complexity of armor/design, pose, number of characters, etc. I will always give you a custom quote before beginning the commission.
  • I’m always open to variations on what I’m offering (i.e. headshots/busts, clean lines with only flats, etc.) Just ask!

1. open
2. open
3. open

All payments will be made through PayPal, and I’ll give you my PayPal info privately over email. I accept full payment upfront after the quote has been agreed on (sorry for the change, but I’ve been forgotten a couple times).

Contact Me!
I can be reached by
skype: eryn.amanda
Or simply send me a mail here~ (If I don’t answer within a day or two, go ahead and write me again, the message may have been lost!)

(disclaimer: I reserve the right to turn down any commissioner if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter or not confident that I can complete the project. But don’t worry, I’m pretty flexible!)

yes hello I would like to order every single norn please

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Commish for the lovely invisible-inky of the most absolute mesmer bae Eilat Hafez *-*


sylvari wearing modern day clothing haha don’t ask

shit yessssss

here’s a dumb old sketch I forgot I scanned (poorly)

dweeb husbands

Commission for thelostmender of Gwendolyn *v*

where is the dolyak emergency room I have a fever of 2000

Commission for eclecticbrainstorm of super-bamf Eryn Shadowbane

I have a backlog of commissions to post because I got a bunch of them done a while back and then saved them all to my drafts instead of uploading them

TL:DR the dolyak is a massive nerdnugget and should be punished


Female Sylvari hair ideas

1st one is similar to an existing one but shorter and less obtrusive to armor…

second one is for my sister who loves sunflowers..

thirst is sort of a modern pompadour ponytail thing made of leaves bc ya know.. they are sylvari.. idk a name for the hairstyle..

last but not least is a venus fly trap based chignon..

so just some boredom and i was lookin at a hair magazine and yeah

art by castiel-licker

oh no