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The shit this blog comes out with is incredible sometimes.

<3 My biggest fan.

Anonymous whispered: Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that your art is amazing, and your work is so inspiring. Seriously - when I have art block, I go through your art, and it makes my fingers itch to draw. I've been struggling for a while with confidence in my artwork, and your work is so well done and your attitude is so wonderful, I thought to myself that I wanted to be more like you! Thank you so much for helping me get my confidence back, even though we've never talked! Please, keep doing what you love!!!


Aaaa thank you, sweet greyface. That’s really encouraging to hear, and I’m honored if anything I do is able to help inspire you. Your message has made my day! 

I believe in you my friend.



stealthyperfectionist whispered: "You could've killed someone!" Virra to Odd? ouo;;

Odd splutters unintelligibly for a moment. The cube, still crackling from its recent expulsion of magic, drops from his hands and lands with a clack on the lab floor. He stares unblinkingly at Virra through strands of singed hair, then hiccups mightily, blue flames leaping around inside his mouth. He grins nervously. “P… pardon me! Nervous tick,” he croaks, looking down at the smoking artifact by his feet. His eyes begin to twinkle in excitement. “… One last go, yes?”


commission of skyrimtyria's Hati channeling sum Burt Reynolds

speaking of norn enthusiasm…

Combining some NSFW commissions

Dirty, dirty sharkrats below cut. Professor Gorr & stealthyperfectionist's Virra!

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Anonymous whispered: Since AQUA is so tumblr famous, do you and your guildies receive a lot of asks to be invited? If so, how do you deal with it?

Sometimes! If I know we’re recruiting, I’ll direct them to the guild leader, whereupon they WILL BE JUDGED, AND THEN EXILED IF FOUND WANTING.

Or just invited to hang out and rp with us, so we can see if they’re fun/nice/interesting. We don’t allow people in who have made older members uncomfortable in any way.


commission for twilightarbor of their sylvari Lux!!

goddamnit SP I swear I will commission you one of these days