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yes please, please feel free to blacklist my dirty drawings. It won’t hurt my feelings at all; I’d obviously rather my followers feel comfortable.

Would it make it easier to start tagging the raunchy stuff “dirtydolyak” or something?

I did a thing

Changed around my blog theme to make it a little nicer and also added a FAQ page and a character page (which is woefully incomplete, but there’s still some info up!)


So one day in Japan when I was feeling particularly fed up with the heat and humidity and particularly like self-indulgent human trash, this happened.


are we doing a human AU yet where Herdot works in a tattoo parlor and Feihlim routinely makes off with his drawings in a poor attempt to get his attention

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hnnnhg norn yes hello

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So I’ve been thinking off and on about Feihlim’s early life, since IC he’s about four and a half but obviously hasn’t existed, much less been actively roleplayed, in the game that long, and then I guess I got carried away and more fic happened. At this point he’s about three.

This one’s dedicated to you thisgolddolyak, you better love it.


“…And once you’ve finished with the transcription, then we’ll discuss inventorying the supply shipment out of Astorea.”

Feihlim’s gaze slipped from the back of Ghrian’s head down to the sizable bundle of rolled parchment in his arms, and he exhaled a long breath. “Uh huh.”

Ghrian paused just outside the Hidden Shelter’s entrance, one hand holding the scarlet banner out of the way as she prepared to step through the curtain of ivy. “What’s wrong, initiate?” She said, her tone suggesting she already knew full well what was wrong. “I’m sensing a marked lack of enthusiasm on your part.”

“Well- you know, it’s just…” Feihlim hesitated, adjusting his grasp on the parchment as a roll began threatening to slip. “When I agreed to join the Order, I was expecting a bit more… excitement. Or… intrigue, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Yes, your record makes that very clear,” Ghrian agreed as she turned, gesturing for Feihlim to follow her into the Shelter and to one of the tents toward the back. “And if you’re wondering why you keep getting downgraded to less exciting duties instead of being promoted to agent, you may want to take a moment to consider your numerous ‘off-the-record’ exploits.”

Feihlim sighed again, dropping his armload of documents unceremoniously onto the floor of the tent beside a small desk, once Ghrian made it clear that it was to be his designated space. “I just don’t think it’s fair to recruit someone for a specific skill set and then not let them use it,” he muttered, failing to keep the comment quite as under-his-breath as he intended.

“We’re not a thieves’ guild, initiate,” Ghrian tossed over her shoulder as she left him alone in the tent with his assignment, “we’re an information network. Please try to remember that.”

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yesss FeihxWhys before everything went to shit. This is perfect.

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Anonymous whispered: Thank you for all the sharkrat cock.


casually descends into nothing but asura porn

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